Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What to Bring to Disneyland

                                                      (Yes, I know that this is a photo of the California Adventure Park)

As an avid Disney-enthusiast and annual passport holder, I thought I would post what I bring on my usual day trips to the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks.

I love almost everything about Disneyland. The rides, the food, the overall atmosphere make it a place for much enjoyment and memories. Though, all of this can be difficult to handle if you do not pack right. Forgetting things can either mean paying for an overpriced replacement or dealing without it and the discomfort or regret for not having that item. I'm here to show you what you'll need and what things can be left at home to assure the lightest packing possible.

Let's begin!

First, you'll need to decide your bag. I recommend smaller and thinner bags. Those big bulky bags can carry a lot, but all that room isn't necessary unless you're the parent that has to hold everything (if that's the case, then I'm sorry you have to do that ;(   ).

The bags I tend to bring are any of the following:

These are my choice for day-long trips. For evening, half day, or shorter trips, a simple purse or fanny pack can be enough.

In these bags, I am sure to always pack the following:

I bring: 
  • Phone & Ipod
    • Ipod is best for listening to music or playing games to pass the time in lines.
  • Sunglasses
    • Depending on weather
  • Personal Items/Toiletries 
    • Refer below for contents
  • Medication 
    • Inhalers, Painkillers, etc. (anything that is necessary to allow you to last the whole day)
  • Wallet
    • With ID, money, credit/debit cards, ticket/annual passport, gift cards, etc,
  • Keys
Contents of toiletries bag:

These are always necessary for a day trip. 

Along with all this, depending on the type of  weather/season, you may need some clothes to keep warm: 

Little known fact: Disneyland has a picnic area for guests to eat their own outside food and beverages. This picnic area is past the bag check area, but before park entrances and they do not check your bags at the entrance,thus it is easily possible to bring your own food into the park and pass on all the overpriced and unhealthy food items. 
I like to pack my own snacks, but splurge a little and buy my lunch in the parks. Though, for us on a budget, sandwiches and other lunch items can be brought. 

Another little known fact: Disneyland, like most establishments will give free cups of water upon request at any restaurant. Most give them in small Disneyland paper cups with ice, lids, and straws. 

This is great as it allows guests to save on the $4 water bottles. I like to bring my own bottles, then when I'm out, I refill them with these cold cups of water or fountain water. 

Lastly, I like to bring my souvenirs and  other items to be in the Disney spirit and make the most of my photos.  

Other unpictured, though important items to bring:
  • Camera
  • Change of clothes (for young ones or to change into after water rides or other accidents)
  • Autograph books (for characters)

Otherwise, be sure to dress comfortable and enjoy your time at the park!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I am new to this world of planning.

I've always liked having little agendas for school. I used them simply to track homework, tests, assignments, etc. But school and extracurricular activities have been making me very busy recently and the little free school agenda's just aren't cutting it anymore.

I've been wanting a larger and more personal planner. I looked into some online. All the one's I saw and lusted over (such as Erin Condren, Kikki K, Filo Fax, etc.) just did not fit my budget. As a student, I don't have $50 to spend just on a planner.

I was on a hunt to find a cheap/affordable, yet cute and personalizable planner. Luckly, my hunt ended at the very first store I went to - Target. I, as most people, have always loved Target. You can go there with the intent of finding only 1 item, and leave having found that item plus 5 other items you didn't know existed or were needed in your life. ;P

My initial thoughts on most of the planners there were that they were cheaply assembled, too bulky, not sturdy enough, ugly, etc. Some were cute, but I could not see myself being content with it for a whole year. And I don't want to be one of those people that switch between or get new planners multiple times throughout the year.

The planner I found is still small, though just right for me, and easily portable. This will make it easier to fit in backpacks and purses. I love the color scheme.

All the extra things that the more expensive planners come with (such a dashboards, pockets) are easily made at home. My creativity combined with the help of some Youtube videos, allowed me to add in my own dashboard and mini folder in the back. If you'd like some tutorials (whether on blog posts or youtube videos) I would be glad to make them.

This planner, along with a few smaller notebooks & folders, allow me to keep my life very organized.

Monthly View
Weekly View

Right side is my DIY dashboard.
2 small notebooks purchased at Morning Glory  

Monday, June 15, 2015


I love photography. I may not be the best at it, and I may need to work on my skills, both out in the field and on Photoshop. 
Taken on a DSLR


Film SLR

Film SLR